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Affordable Buttock Lift Charlotte NC

Buttock Lift Charlotte NC

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There may be several reasons a client may want to get a buttock lift. As skin ages, it starts to sag and become loose. Too much sun may have damaged the skin and fluctuations in weight may be affecting the area which causes the skin to lose plasticity. Aside from these issues, there are several other reasons why a client might opt for this procedure.

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A buttock lift will give you more confidence in flattering clothing and while outside at the pool or beach. The result depends on your surgeons experience.

Our certified team is passionate about cosmetic surgery and client satisfaction and have decades of experience.

The Buttock Lift Procedure

The procedure for a buttocks lift can be done several ways. But generally, a common procedure is done the following way. 

The client undergoes anesthesia, the anesthesia is usually a general anesthesia but can be done locally around the parts of the body where the operation will be performed. 

The surgeon will make a cut or multiple cuts around the buttock, the hips or under the buttock cheek. In a case where liposuction would be administered, the surgeon will use a vacuum tube to remove excess fat. When the procedure is finished, the surgeon replaces the skin, pulling it tight to remove wrinkles and sagging. After removing excess fluids, the skin will then be fastened with stitches or glue. A compression may be worn to reduce swelling.

This procedure may differ depending on your specific situation. Talk to our medical team to get an accurate overview of what an affordable buttock lift Charlotte NC may look like in your case.


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